Can I create a TEDTalks service on my company's video platform?

Last updated: Nov 27, 2012 12:47PM EST

If one or more of the categories listed below characterizes your company's business, you will require a Distribution Partner License Agreement with TED. Please submit a motivated request for a licensing arrangement here.

  • Internet Video Services such as YouTube, Hulu, Yahoo!, Netflix, AOL, Dailymotion, iTunes, Amazon, Youku, BlipTV, etc.
  • Cable, Satellite or Telecommunication Operators such as Comcast, Time Warner, Telefonica, DirecTV, UPC, Sky, AT&T U-verse, Canal+, Korea Telecom, Star TV, Globosat, etc.
  • Television Broadcasters such as ABC, NBC, CBS, Al-Jazeera, BBC, NHK, RAI, Deutsche Welle, CCTV, TF-1, etc.
  • Radio Broadcasters and Audio Services such as NPR, BBC Radio, Clear Channel Communications, TuneIn, Audible, Spotify, etc.
  • Specialized Cable/Satellite Channels such as History Channel, Discovery Channel, Sci-Fi, HBO, etc.
  • Home Entertainment Devices such as XBox, Sony Playstation, Blu-ray, TiVo, etc.
  • IPTV Services and Set Top Box Manufacturers such as Roku, Boxee, Apple TV, Humax, etc.
  • Mobile and Tablet Manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, Nokia, Kindle, etc.
  • Web Browser Applications and Stores such as Opera Speed Dial, Mozilla Market Place, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Subscription-Based Educational Services such as Films Media Group, Proquest, Safari Montage, English First, Wiley Publishing, etc.
  • Other Commercial Entities such as airlines (including inflight entertainment), hotels, restaurants, and retail locations.

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