I'd like to see my talk on TED.com

Last updated: Oct 21, 2011 04:50PM EDT
If you are a conference organizer and would like to see your talks on TED.com, we would like to hear from you. Be aware that a series of basic rules apply to TEDTalks: no corporate presentations, product pitches, or self-promoting speeches; interesting/original content, passionate/compelling storytelling, and good production quality (audio/video/slides) a key prerequisite;
You must hold the copyright on the talk and be ready to share it with TED Conferences on a non-exclusive basis (all TEDTalks are distributed under the same Creative Commons license – see "Are TEDTalks copyrighted?").
Please send us information about the speaker, the talk, the event/location where it was filmed, and a short written summary of the speech.
Ultimately, the choice of the talks and speakers that belong on TED.com is decided by the TED team exclusively, based on criteria of interest, originality, quality, insightfulness, affinity with the other TEDTalks, and capacity to further the mission of TED.

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