How do I download a talk?

Last updated: Dec 02, 2015 03:33PM EST

TED Talks are available for download either directly through the talk page or through the TED app. A small number of talks are hosted on YouTube instead of our own video player and won't be available for download.

To download a TED Talk click on the Download icon on the video player:

If you do not see it, try bringing your cursor over the video player. After selecting 'download,' a pop-up window will allow you to choose the specific file type you would like to download.  The file should download immediately upon clicking 'Download.'

If the download doesn't work from clicking the 'Download' button, right click the button and click "Save link as," "Download link file as," or "Save target as..." (for Internet Explorer).

If you are watching talks offline because of a slow internet connection, we recommend downloading the low-res MP4 file available on all downloadable talks. This file is much smaller, so it requires less time and bandwidth to download locally.

You can also download most TED Talks through the TED app, which allows you watch talks offline from your mobile device. Please note, you will need to download the TED app via iTunes or Google Play

Learn more about TED apps here.

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